Woodmont’s Philosophy for Staff

Being a staff member at Woodmont is far more than a summer job; it’s an unforgettable experience in beautiful surroundings and a rare opportunity to reach your full potential as you help others reach theirs. Woodmont is special. You will meet new friends and form bonds that last a lifetime. It is a place where a family feeling is encouraged and fulfilled.

Sending a child to camp is a tremendous act of faith by parents. At Woodmont, staff take that responsibility very seriously and maintain an environment that encourages both safety and health and reinforces a positive self-image. Staff aim to provide campers with opportunities for emotional and physical growth, encourage their natural abilities and instill in them the benefits of participating in a group.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an enjoyable, exciting summer experience that motivates our campers to approach the future with courage, confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

Staff create a warm, family feeling at Woodmont in a number of ways. We encourage continuous skill development throughout the summer; stress personal development no matter what the inherent ability of a camper may be; and lastly, work to create an atmosphere of attention and care for the individual.