Parent Handbook

We received guidelines from the NY State Health Department and the Rockland County Board of Health. As promised, we are sharing them with you.

The current guidelines state that if a camper or staff test positive, they must be excluded from camp for 5 days. They can return to camp after 5 days if they are fever free without medicine.

Any camper who is a close contact but not showing symptoms and remains outside for programming can stay at camp.

If we have a positive case, we must report it to the Rockland Board of Health and they will direct us on what to do. We are hoping the current guidelines stay in place but they may change over the course of the summer.

We encourage you to get your camper vaccinated and send us your campers vaccination cards so we have it on file if the board of health asks.

We ask that you check your camper every morning and only send them to camp is they are well. If anyone has a fever over 100.4 they must stay home. Please keep your child home if they exhibit any covid symptoms.

We thank you for trusting us with your children.

Ilisha and Sam

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